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Photography Courses Canberra

Is your Digital SLR camera sitting on the sideboard?

Are you still struggling on green Auto and not as impressed as you thought you’d be?  Finding it easier to use mobile phone (until you see the poor results).  Now’s the time to focus on a quick photo fix – boost your photography up a level or two!

You can join our photography courses in Canberra as a beginner or at a higher level so you can advance at your own pace. Our program involves lectures, demonstrations, practical work, homework, assignments, feedback, group discussions, field trips and guest lecturers.

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Photography  Courses in Canberra

Learn photography in a very short period of time what others would take months to teach.

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Personalised 1:1 Private Tuition available – learn at your own speed, what’s relevant to you, in comfort of your own home, Phillip Studio or Walk about and talk photography around Canberra. Skype or phone tuition also available.


Photography has been my passion for a few years now, and with the help of Irene's course I've become a better photographer! I attended 8 Weeks to Photographic Success a couple of years ago now after I had purchased my first dslr. I thought (wrongly!) that if I spent more money on camera gear then my photos would automatically be better! I couldn't understand why my images were blown out, too dark or just plain blurry! That was when I signed up for the CSP course...(1/2)


(2/2)...Irene taught our class the ins and outs of the functions of our cameras, about ISO, f-stops, lighting etc. We went on photo excursions, did a studio shoot, and we received great advice and learnt many tips. We all left the course at the end being better photographers, and also being more confident in our picture taking! If you're thinking of doing a photography course, I'd highly recommend the CSP course with Irene!

Debbie Hartley (


Considering a career change into photography, but having never used a digital SLR camera before, I enrolled in Irene's 8 Weeks to Photographic Success course. The course was fantastic because it gave me a good understanding of the fundamental principles in a relaxed environment, and allowed me to develop an e-portfolio. I particularly enjoyed the field trip to the zoo. After the course I went on to enrol in a Certificate IV in Photo Imaging at TAFE. I think the course was very good value and Irene was an excellent (and very patient!) teacher. -Emily


Having worked as a photographer when I was younger under close supervision I moved away from photography while the evolution of Digital was being created. Determined to get back into it, I attended Irene's 8 Week Course to Photographic Success and re-learnt all the skills needed to run a professional photography business. I credit all my new digital photographic skills and success to Irene's relaxed, easy to understand and motivational course.

Without this course I still think I would be struggling in the world of Digital.

Liz Morris (


In need of a new career direction, I took the 8 Weeks to Photographic Success digital photography course with Irene Lorbergs. The course inspired me to get creative with my camera, and with the tips and tricks Irene taught me, I had established a business in Canberra doing two or three photo shoots a week, and within four months I had enough images to put together a website to promote my work. I would like to thank Irene for her encouragement and professional advice, without which this new venture would not have been possible.

Karen Mulkern (


Thanks Irene for a great day packed full of useful information. As you know, I am currently studying my Diploma in Photography Online and sometimes this is a little hard... but your Digital Photography in a Day course made so much sense. No second guessing myself like the online course, straight up information that was easy to understand and explained in a clear and concise way. I cannot wait till the next course!



I've always enjoyed photography, but never managed to capture "good photos" with my camera. I decided to complete Irene's Digital Photography in a Day photo course. I was apprehensive because I was a complete rookie and didn't want to make a fool of myself. There was no need to worry at all. Irene made everyone feel at ease. By the end of the day I "knew" my camera and was now armed with many of Irene's tips and tricks...(1/2)


(2/2)...Inspired and confident I attended Irene's 8 Week Course to Photographic Success a short time later. I met some lovely people and Irene's approachable manner and generosity with advice and time made it all the more enjoyable. I have since upgraded my camera, bought more lenses and even studio lights. I still enjoy taking photos but now, thanks to Irene, I know the "good photos" I see will look the same when captured with my camera. Thanks Irene.

Tom Crossan - Canberra